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I finally got a chance to give Svengali’s first label-compilation-album a listen, and I think it’s safe to say that there was not a single track I wasn’t a fan of. You might recognize some artists in this volume from previous entries I’ve written, such as Soleman and Different Sleep, but the artists I wasn’t familiar with left a great first impression. Give it a listen, it’s a “name your price” collection so don’t be shy to support some good music.


Soleman – October’s Very Lone

After listening to the homie Soleman‘s new track I couldn’t wait to post it. I know it dropped at midnight but hey, 2 am isn’t that bad! Usually I’d write up a little description for these types of things, but for this one I urge you to just press that little black play button below and let yourself drift. Also, I found out that Soleman did some work with artists Main Attrakionz, who I happened to be listening to a lot lately so peep them as well. Don’t sleep on this man.

Soleman – Don’t Even [Ft. Lake Rescue]

A couple of days ago I posted a new track by Different Sleep featuring this man, Soleman. I actually got a chance to exchange a few words with the dude and he’s cool as hell. Soleman has been making instrumentals for acts like the Main Attrakionz and The Jealous Guys and recently dropped his latest solo production featuring the soothing vocals of Lake Rescue. The track is called Not Even and it’ll getcha I promise. Pz

Different Sleep – Drive Me Crazy [Feat. Soleman]

So check me out, I was going through some e-mails today and my face kinda lit up when I opened one from Different Sleep. The dude from San Diego showed love to the blog and hit me with his newest track featuring Soleman which, if I may add, is most definitely worth a listen. It’s got a nice sample of Trust Issues for the Drizzy fans out there like myself and it’s definitely similar to some of the jams I’ve been pumping lately which was so dope. Enjoy.. Shout out to the blog tho, feels so homey up in here! 1 luv