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Home – Big Dreams [Official Video]


BDT – Stars [Mixtape]

Those who have been following the blog for a while are probably familiar with the Montreal based Hip-Hop group Big Dreams Team (BDT) by now. Not only do I have the joy of working with these artists, but we have also developed a solid friendship over the past couple of years. Last night at midnight, the group (Myles, Task The Radd, Rows, and Timeliss) released their highly anticipated mixtape titled “Stars,” which has been getting fantastic feedback from it’s early listeners. The group invested a lot of time and hard work into this project over the past year, accepting nothing less than perfection in their final product. “Stars” is filled with soothing melodies meshed with piercing lyricism.. The tape really hit me when I played it through in my car for the first time, it’s one of those tapes that really smacks you in the face the first time you play all the tracks in order. “Stars” is a perfect example of talented people coming together and using whatever means they have to create something that is timeless.

Download “Stars” HERE

TasK The RaDD – A New Hope

Here’s a brand new track by TasK The RaDD of BDT that was actually produced by myself. Feels kinda weird talking about myself in posts but anyways.. TasK decided to spit over Radiohead’s Idioteque which is a personal favorite of mine and we managed to come out with something nice. Give it a listen, educate the mind.

A New Hope – TasK The RaDD

Shade, Mag, & Tbone – A Dope Boy’s Flow

I told you big things comin from the BDT crew! Don’t worry there will be more..

Fun fact: I’m mentioned in this track!!

Download: A Dope Boy’s Flow – Shade, Mag, & Tbone

Showtime – Devil In My Sean John

Alright, I’m sure you all remember Showtime and the BDT crew I introduced to the blog a while back? Anyways I told you they were gonna hit strong and that’s exactly what’s going down. This track was recently dropped and it’s got a nice flow and certain kick to it. I personally love this beat and it was nice to hear someone else do something dope with it. Stay tuned for more big things coming from the BDT team.

Download Link: Devil In My Sean John – Showtime