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THe LYONZ – Feel The Pain (Ft. Eric Seguin) [Video]



Chuuwee – Hustleman


Chuuwee is just that dude.. Recently signed to Amalgam Digital, the man has been working non stop and providing the world with quality releases. Right here are some of his latest visuals for a track titled “Hustleman” off his forthcoming project Wildstyle, which is set to drop during the summer. The video is straight and to the point just like Chuuwee’s bars, it has a cool little story line to it too. I end all my Chuuwee posts the same way; don’t sleep on talent like this! Ez

Building Music Entertainment – Dream

I took a trip to New York City a few months ago, accomplishing much more then I had planned. Not only did my trip money diminish faster then I could blink, but while there I had the joy of meeting a local artist by the name of Ro Willams and we’ve been in touch ever since. Ro is a hip-hop artist that continues to grow each day, and recently founded a music group named Building Music Entertainmet (BME), alongside Lennard el Barkawi. The Group represents the bridge that music can build between different nations, races and genders. Together, Williams and Barkawi focus to create new and exciting Hip-Hop music by combining intricate rhythm with deep lyrics. Be on the lookout for these dudes, and be sure to peep BME’s latest track “Dream” below, it’s been getting quite a bit of attention.. Ez

Dream – Building Music Entertainment

Dilated Peoples – Love & War

Love and War – Dilated Peoples

BDT – Stars [Mixtape]

Those who have been following the blog for a while are probably familiar with the Montreal based Hip-Hop group Big Dreams Team (BDT) by now. Not only do I have the joy of working with these artists, but we have also developed a solid friendship over the past couple of years. Last night at midnight, the group (Myles, Task The Radd, Rows, and Timeliss) released their highly anticipated mixtape titled “Stars,” which has been getting fantastic feedback from it’s early listeners. The group invested a lot of time and hard work into this project over the past year, accepting nothing less than perfection in their final product. “Stars” is filled with soothing melodies meshed with piercing lyricism.. The tape really hit me when I played it through in my car for the first time, it’s one of those tapes that really smacks you in the face the first time you play all the tracks in order. “Stars” is a perfect example of talented people coming together and using whatever means they have to create something that is timeless.

Download “Stars” HERE

Lateef Dameer & Nurthice: River On Glass LP

Lateef Dameer is a young producer/MC with a few forms of talent. The New York based artist went through a lot over the past couple of years, leading him to his latest collaborative album with Bulgaria producer Nurthice. The album is called River On Glass, and consists of mellow, ambient instrumentals laced with Dameer’s unique flow. I had a chance to exchange a few words with Lateef, and he gave me some background info on both himself and his work with Nurthice. The NYC resident told me that he stepped back from making beats on this project to go ahead and expose his lyricism. The album is a “name your own price” and I definitely suggest giving it a listen. You’ll also fine some remixes included on this LP, done by various artists respected by both Dameer and Nurthice. Enjoy.

Actual Proof – We Gon’ Continya’ [Video]


If your not into these cats yet I strongly suggest you do some research. Signed to 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records, Actual Proof has come a long way these past few years releasing a few mixtapes, and finally, they’re first official studio album titled Black Boy Radio. You may recognize the voice of Sundown (1/2 of Actual Proof) from his collab project The Millennium Falcon with Chuuwee that released a few months ago. Here are the latest visuals from Act Proof’s new album, directed by Kenneth Price. In my opinion, you don’t need much more in a music video besides watching the artists make their magic.

Buy Black Boy Radio here.