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The Very First DJ band [1992]


Kawehi – Anthem


Kawehi is an artist from Honolulu who recently caught me eye. She’s one of those multi-talented musicians that does everything, which results in a really organic sound. Definitely check out her Facebook page, she’s got a lot of interesting projects going on.

Freddie Joachim – Keep Lovin’ feat. Carlitta Durand (Eric Lau Remix)


Eric Lau came correct with this remix. If you know me.. you know I’m a big fan of this guy. Freddie is tight too. Also, can I share a secret? His last album “Fiberglass Kisses” is currently available for free download in spirit of his new website launch. Treat yourself!


Evil Needle – Homeworks Ep

Evil Needle is making a name for himself in my recently played, I love the work coming from this guy. He’s been quick with his releases and they just get better each time. This might actually be my favorite Needle project thus far but then again.. his other shit bumps lol. Have a listen! Crazy vibes.

Check out his other releases on Soulection and most recently, ‘Equilibrium‘ on HW&W

Miles Bonny x B. Lewis – Bottom To Top [Video]


Here are the latest visuals from Bonny and Lewis’ latest EP “Egg Black.” Seductive sounds call for seductive displays.. Peep the vibe.

Egg Black EP: Miles Bonny x B.Lewis

Although it’s been a little while since I’ve had the time to write up some new posts, I had a good chance to explore some new music and gather up some solid content. “Egg Black” is an EP I’ve been meaning to share with you guys for a while now, and it’s been getting crazy plays on my iPod. Miles Bonny laces B.Lewis’ instrumentals with some soothing vocals, I knew this shit was gonna be dope before I even bought it. Anyways, give it a listen, cop it if you’re feelin’ it, I’ve gotten some nice feedback from people I’ve shown already. If you know B.Lewis, this is some of his greatness! Pz

Mister Lies & Different Sleep – Safety Net (Feat. Jessica Blanchet)

ImageNewness from our brothers over in the Chi. Kick back, light some candles, and have a listen, we were blessed with a free download on this one.