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Listening Session | Shlohmo – Ghosts Pt. 2

Nice pics too.


Listening Session: Move One – Pac Div

Just to sort out any confusion, the song is titled ‘Move One’, I know the youtube video says differently. This is one of my favorites off Pac Div’s new album The Div, available on iTunes.

Listening Session: Burial vs. Sisqo – Stolen Thong

I’m not usually into mash-ups but I tip my hat to this dude. Hearing the thong song over burial’s intimate vibe is pretty nice on the ears.. Nice job One Cool Dude.

Download: Stolen Thong – Burial vs. Sisqo

Listening Session: Whining Skill – Reggie Stepper & Super Beagle

I hope you guys are feelin’ this as much as me

Listening Session: Untitled – Flying Lotus

..Youtube vid has the wrong name for this track but it’s cool.

Listening Session: Evil Needle – Hate It Or Love It

What I’m feeling right now..

Listening Session: Teebs – Arthur’s Birds