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Tambour Table

The video pretty much explains it all, but Tambour Table is a personal computer table with the flexibility to store loose items under the actual tabletop. Sliding the tabletop to the side will also reveal power outlets and a few usb connections for a clean and elegant workspace. Tambour Table is designed by New York artist Michael Bambino.


Mocubo | One Stop Chop

Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with three food prep containers. You’ll be able to slice, dice and organize like a master chef.

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The Burbury Hotel by Katon Redgen Mathieson

Katon Redgen Mathieson have designed the interiors of the Burbury Hotel in Canberra, Australia. More information and pictures here

All In-One Breakfast Station

Awesome all in-one breakfast station by Nostalgia Electrics. It makes a great gift not to mention it’s convenience.


  • Toaster oven
  • Griddle
  • Coffee maker
  • 4 cup coffee maker
  • Removable non-stick hot plate

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Soft Hercules Stool

Soft Hercules is a stool made of foam rubber which is the material usually made to make stress balls. Although it may not look it, the stool seems pretty comfy!

Tetra Shed

A backyard office design from the UK. Check it out here

Space Invaders Couch

Created by Russian industrial designer Igor Chak, it’s made using premium materials, fine leather and even memory foam cushions. Each one is handmade to order and it is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles.