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Evil Needle – Homeworks Ep

Evil Needle is making a name for himself in my recently played, I love the work coming from this guy. He’s been quick with his releases and they just get better each time. This might actually be my favorite Needle project thus far but then again.. his other shit bumps lol. Have a listen! Crazy vibes.

Check out his other releases on Soulection and most recently, ‘Equilibrium‘ on HW&W


Chuuwee – Hustleman


Chuuwee is just that dude.. Recently signed to Amalgam Digital, the man has been working non stop and providing the world with quality releases. Right here are some of his latest visuals for a track titled “Hustleman” off his forthcoming project Wildstyle, which is set to drop during the summer. The video is straight and to the point just like Chuuwee’s bars, it has a cool little story line to it too. I end all my Chuuwee posts the same way; don’t sleep on talent like this! Ez

Move: Precision in Movement

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Move is a technology garment that guides you toward optimal performance and precision in movement in an ambient, precise, and beautiful way.

There are definite applications for technique improvement in all sports, but even more importantly, for health driven activities like dance, yoga or physical therapy. It helps to ensure smooth and non-harmful body placement. The information is then relayed to a mobile app, which tracks, graphs and stores key data.


Building Music Entertainment – Dream

I took a trip to New York City a few months ago, accomplishing much more then I had planned. Not only did my trip money diminish faster then I could blink, but while there I had the joy of meeting a local artist by the name of Ro Willams and we’ve been in touch ever since. Ro is a hip-hop artist that continues to grow each day, and recently founded a music group named Building Music Entertainmet (BME), alongside Lennard el Barkawi. The Group represents the bridge that music can build between different nations, races and genders. Together, Williams and Barkawi focus to create new and exciting Hip-Hop music by combining intricate rhythm with deep lyrics. Be on the lookout for these dudes, and be sure to peep BME’s latest track “Dream” below, it’s been getting quite a bit of attention.. Ez

Dream – Building Music Entertainment

A Look Inside The Louis Vuitton Game Case



Dilated Peoples – Love & War

Love and War – Dilated Peoples

The Funnel Project

The Funnel” is the project that we proposed to Arte Urbana Lugano, in the national competition for the temporary renewal of the Lugano-Besso (CH) pedestrian tunnel.

It is a place a place where the flow of information, thoughts, desires, stops for a moment, on a long blackboard placed at the intersection of different worlds. In Lugano. A simple idea, full of potential developments: into “the Funnel” you can organize events, lectures, happenings, drawing contests, reading evenings of the messages that stranded on the blackboard. But “The Funnel” will become ath first something alive, a landing place for the flow, one that binds and unites the whole, an organism with a life of its own made of urban legends, love stories and oblique messages written in chalk.

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