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Tambour Table

The video pretty much explains it all, but Tambour Table is a personal computer table with the flexibility to store loose items under the actual tabletop. Sliding the tabletop to the side will also reveal power outlets and a few usb connections for a clean and elegant workspace. Tambour Table is designed by New York artist Michael Bambino.


Miles Bonny x B. Lewis – Bottom To Top [Video]


Here are the latest visuals from Bonny and Lewis’ latest EP “Egg Black.” Seductive sounds call for seductive displays.. Peep the vibe.

HOTTEA: Weave Graffiti

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On a his first trip to New York City from his native Minneapolis, HOTTEA strung his signature tags in several locations throughout the area, including Williamsburg. Each of the artist’s pieces were constructed out of yarn on a chain-link fences and other grid-like metal surfaces. Even though these sites force HOTTEA to use straight lines in his work, he does not let these structures limit his creative options. Whether it is through interlocking tags or the addition of three-dimensional elements, the artist is challenging how viewers think of tags as well as yarn bombing.


BDT – Stars [Mixtape]

Those who have been following the blog for a while are probably familiar with the Montreal based Hip-Hop group Big Dreams Team (BDT) by now. Not only do I have the joy of working with these artists, but we have also developed a solid friendship over the past couple of years. Last night at midnight, the group (Myles, Task The Radd, Rows, and Timeliss) released their highly anticipated mixtape titled “Stars,” which has been getting fantastic feedback from it’s early listeners. The group invested a lot of time and hard work into this project over the past year, accepting nothing less than perfection in their final product. “Stars” is filled with soothing melodies meshed with piercing lyricism.. The tape really hit me when I played it through in my car for the first time, it’s one of those tapes that really smacks you in the face the first time you play all the tracks in order. “Stars” is a perfect example of talented people coming together and using whatever means they have to create something that is timeless.

Download “Stars” HERE

Mister Lies & Different Sleep – Mass EP

Trace Heavens / Light installations by James Nizam

“Trace Heavens” is a series of gorgeous light installations by James Nizam. To create these images James made incisions into the structure of a- I guess, pitch black house?- to capture and manipulate sunlight into light sculptures.. That’s wild!


Model Wedneday’s | Woah

Make up for lost time, yea?