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Soleman – October’s Very Lone

After listening to the homie Soleman‘s new track I couldn’t wait to post it. I know it dropped at midnight but hey, 2 am isn’t that bad! Usually I’d write up a little description for these types of things, but for this one I urge you to just press that little black play button below and let yourself drift. Also, I found out that Soleman did some work with artists Main Attrakionz, who I happened to be listening to a lot lately so peep them as well. Don’t sleep on this man.


Vision of the Future


This video, created by Microsoft, demonstrates how much more our lives will eventually be intertwined with technology. Every available surface will be digitized and capable of sharing critical information. It appears that this is our destiny because of how advanced touch surfaces are becoming. I’m hoping we will see this sooner rather than later, especially if another company were to implement it.. can anyone say Apple?

Wiz Khalfa & Snoop Dogg – French Inhale [Ft. Mike Posner]

I know this dropped a while ago but I’ve had a few people ask me what it was when I played it so.. In case you missed it, think about it.. Wiz and Snoop with a Posner hook sounds nice! Production is super smooth too.

Happy Thursday

French Inhale [Ft. Mike Posner] – Wiz Khalfa & Snoop Dogg

Point and Shoot Camera Resigned

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Charlie Nghiem’s new minimalist concept turns an every day tool into a beautiful and functional piece of art. No matter the brand, price or form factor of current digital cameras, their setting menus and buttons are always a cluttered nuisance. Nghiem eliminates the unnecessary complexity by stacking 8 cylindrical dials one on top of another, each representing a different option or mode.

Individuals who don’t enjoy spending time reading manuals or who are generally not tech-savvy can simply take great photographs. If his design efforts eventually go into production, it would be an awesome new change from the conventional camera layout we are accustomed to.

His website appears to be under construction but here is the link.


Space Invaders Couch

Created by Russian industrial designer Igor Chak, it’s made using premium materials, fine leather and even memory foam cushions. Each one is handmade to order and it is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles.


Watch Post-It

These seem useful! Designed by Doriane Favre. €9.80 for 100 “watches”.

Listening Session: Evil Needle – Hate It Or Love It

What I’m feeling right now..