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Wiz Khalifa – Live @ Filmore Irving Plaza

Wiz performs Cabin Fever, B.A.R., On The Pill and The Thrill. Wiz Khalifa’s new mixtape Kush & Orange Juice drops this week! I’ll try and post some links when I get my hands on them. I heard there’s going to be a lot of weed talk on this mixtape.. but I mean, what else is new.

You can watch the trailer for Kush & Orange Juice here

Crooks & Castles: How To Make It In L.A.

Popular L.A. brand Crooks & Castles decided to show off their hometown in this new ad campaign which was inspired by the new HBO series “How to make it in America.”

Crooks & Castles Blog Here

iPad Mixer DJ App

“Mixrs” turntables look and feel just like real the real thing. To mix your music, all you have to do is touch the vinyl records with your fingers. Designing for this app actually started in 2008, and gives you a DJ experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Read more about mixr here

Introducing Attack-Point Kappa

Dubstep may have been one of the fastest growing genres in a while, and I must say that there is so much to it. I tip my hat to dubstep producers because you really need a lot of creativity to make such music. Speaking of Dubstep and producers, I have recently met up with one myself and he goes by the name of Attack-Point Kappa. He has been producing dubstep along with drum & bass for only a few months now but I must say that the man has a natural talent. I instantly fell in love with some of his tracks minutes after clicking the play button, and I love how he incorporates some samples in his tracks. I’ll leave you now with his Soundcloud page and some of his tracks below. Watch out for this guy!

Calling All Angel Fans

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Vans has created a special classic sneaker style for the corresponding hometown team. Just 12 pairs of Anaheim’s Chukka LX and a matching limited edition Majestic Authentic Jersey will go on sale Monday, April 5th at 11am, only at Proper in Long Beach. More teams and store information will be announced in the coming days as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be represented by two store accounts.

Photo Of The Day