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Dirty Talk: David Guetta

Guetta out with a new song and it is very good! It’s called “Dirty Talk” and vocal creds go out to Wynter Gordon who was also featured on “Toyfreind”. It’s actually produced by Guetta but anyways… The beginning of this track is my favorite part, but overall it’s a very solid track and has potential to become very famous in the club world. Too bad he wasn’t able to put this song on One Love.

Dirty Talk (Ft. Wynter Gordon) – David Guetta



Beautiful You Are

[Jody Den Broeder]

Straight up, there’s not too much I know about this song and there isn’t much to say about it, but it’s Deborah Cox’s “Beautiful U R” remixed by Jody Den Broeder and it’s a solid techno track that you’d hear late at night on satellite radio or something.

Beautiful U R (Jody Den Broeder Extended Mix) – Deborah Cox


Oh Boy…

So basically, Francisco, who made the Sexy Bitch Remix released a new remix a while ago. This guy has actually made a lot of new songs and remixed a couple. So he’s pretty under the radar, but enjoy.

Just Maybe?

Sorry for the lack of posting, been pretty busy. Anyways, I came across this pretty cool/weird song. It really caught my eye by saying P.Diddy was in a techno song, but I don’t think he’s really in it besides two lines:(

But some of you might know Kesha (I didn’t) released a new song so check it out, It’s pretty catchy.

I’m Just Addicted To Champaign

So basically I’m going through the busiest week of my life and I haven’t had much time to do anything slack. But, I did hear this song for the first time a few hours ago and I had to post it. Wiz Khalifa was always a great rapper ever since Say Yeah and he recently came out with “The Thrill” featuring Empire Of The Sun. Honestly this song became an instant favorite, it’s very chill. He’s coming out with a new mix tape called “Burn After Rolling (B.A.O.)” which I’m looking forward to.

The Thrill – Wiz Khalifa Ft. Empire Of The Sun


Darren Styles

I hope this song ends up getting released because it’s great. When I first heard it it felt to me like a cool breeze in the dubstep world, if any of you can make sense to that. Anyways, this track was originally by Darren Styles but this is a Dub remix by Elliot M. I always knew this track needed a good remix, and here it is. I find the original is a little too fast but maybe that’s just me. I still urge you to check it out if you’ve never herd it.

Getting Better (Elliott M & Special Features Dubstep Remix) – Darren Styles


Monster Bowl :)

Some good news released today, While ago as we all know, Lady gaga was going to come to Montreal again with Kanye but sadly, it got cancelled. Yet, better news for some of us ( or me) she decided to come to Montreal the 27th of November at the Bell Center with a few artists such as Kid Cudi.