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It’s La Time of LMFAO

Coming in with two catchy remixes to La La La in LMFAO’s Party Rock album. Death To The Throne and Terror Dactel both add a good mix to this song which made it a little bit better. I couldn’t really decide which one to post so heres both. People usually say that nothing can be better than the original, but i think we can make an exception for this one.

La La La (Death To The Throne Remix) – LMFAO

La La La (Terror Dactel Remix) – LMFAO

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There’s A T-Pain In My Closet.. HAH

What would Shakira’s “She Wolf” be without it’s remixes? Here’s the latest one by T-Pain and I just like the part where he comes into the song. There’s not much to say about this but check it out yourself.

She Wolf (T-Pain Remix) – Shakira


All Night Long: Mightyfools Remix

This time, Mightyfools have decided to morph Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’ into a whole new song built for the electro dance generation. Obviously, it has an intense beat and a nice little clip of lyrics with an effect over Lionel’s voice. Have patience, you know the Mightyfools..

All Night Long (Mightyfools Remix) – Lionel Richie


The Thrill

Simply sick, check it out now. Kids At The Bar remixes Empire Of The Sun’s, Walking On A Dream.

Empire Of The Sun (Kids At The Bar Remix) – Walking On A Dream

The World Is Really His.

I hope I don’t need any introduction for David Guetta, hands down, my favorite DJ, and also many others. He’s known as one of the better French DJ’s out there, he also produced ” I Got A Feeling”, no biggie though. Recently coming out with a new remix, for all of us, so enjoy.

The World Is Mine (South Sounders Remix) – David Guetta


So basically one of my favorite blogs out there, Infospotny basically takes the top 20 and puts a mix on it. They came out with another remix today, so check out their channel on youtube for their latest music.

World Of Love: John Dahlbäck

Straight up, this song is just amazing, best I’ve herd in a while. In fact, I even bought it because I liked it so much. Well like I buy all my music but yeah… Anyways, John Dahlbäck, is a Swedish house producer who is very under rated I find. He is the owner and founder of Pickadoll Records, with releases by, apart from his own work, artists like Sebastien Leger and Dada Life. I did not know this much about Dahlbäck before this song, but I’m defiantly down. Anyway, I have the original ‘World Of Love’ for you to check out along with a club mix which seems to be more popular, I like them both.

World Of Love – John Dahlbäck

World Of Love (Club Mix) – John Dahlbäck